Glass Partners Solutions.


Laminated Glass 


Founded in 2002, Glass Partners Solutions focuses its activities on the distribution and supply of glass to glass manufacturing transformers and largest and most important of all Europe. 

Present in three countries and with over 20 stores for stockage, features an unprecedented infrastructure and provides delivery service without comparison.

With a growth of 20% per year, the Company has been recognized for years as one of
the fastest growing companies and dynamism in the field of glass distribution.

The leadership development and services make Glass Partners Solutions, the leader in the representation of the different factories most advanced glass large and renowned in the world.

Thanks to our progress and cooperation of our customers and suppliers, we have some stocks without comparison.
Our clients have the peace and security of knowing that at any moment can collect
material for a replacement, breakage or execution of a new job, in a truly
amazing time frames.

Our express service gives the facility to manage your orders and the subsequent
delivery thereof within a period of hours.
To do this, we have large stocks of the most diverse products found in geographically strategic warehouse located in different parts of Spain.
Since 2013, Glass Partners Solutions , at the request of the customers joined the
service activities of laminated glass with PVB.

For convenience and ease of rolling service, we provide our customers the ability
to perform such work, or on the materials delivered by them, as well as the option of rolling any of our existing materials in whole sheet stock.
The unbeatable deadlines laminate work Glass Partners Solutions , of no more than 48 hours, once again make our company is positioned at the head of glass distribution market throughout Europe.
Glass Partners Solutions, compromises its quality policy to continuously improve its
products and services, with the primary objective of achieving customer satisfaction